Camp Lesson Template

Here are some basic templates for preparing Lesson Plans for a full week of camp. Start with the Skill Sets. Divide everything into Chalk Talks, Land Drills, Water Drills or No Wind Activities. Sort them into a logical progression through the week. Monday always starts with an introduction. Friday always ends with a review.

ObjectiveIntro to boatSteeringTerminologySafetyReview
Skill Level11111
Chalk talkintro, parts, seating, steering, trimming, capsize, recoverysteering, trim, safety position, points of sail, wind dir, TTTpoints of sail, dockingrules of the road, man overboardparts, points of sail, rules of the road
Land drillsseating, steering, trimming, rig/derigsteering, trimseating, knotsman overboardquiz, drawing
Water drillscapsize, recovery, ovaloval, fig 8fig 8, shallow triangleshallow triangle, MOB, tagparent demo: shallow triangle, capsize on final whistle
No Windrigging, balancekinetics420 riggingweather safetygames

ObjectiveIntro to boatTerminologyUpwindControlReview
Skill Level11222
Chalk talkintro, parts, seating, steering, trimming, capsize, recoverypoints of sail, docking, rules of the roadtelltales, proper trim, backwardsMOBpoints of sail, proper trim, MOB, knots, parts
Land drillsseating, steering, trimming, rig/derigknotstelltales, trim, shape controlsparts, MOBquiz, drawing
Water drillsfig 8, shallow trianglesteep triangle, reaching slalomWL, backwards sailingcircles, start/stop, tack on whistle, MOBparent demo: WL, capsize on final whistle
No Windinventory other fleets (parts)intro to racing rules RRS10-14kineticsrigging racesgames

ObjectiveVerify skill levelIntro to racingLeeward marksTeam RacingDemo
Skill Level34444
Chalk talkseating, steering, balance, tell tales, pass behind, RRS 10-14start sequence, favored end, strategy vs tacticsRRS 15-20, leeward rouding, zone, pinwheel, roll tacksconcept, control, scoring, passback, strategy, tacticsrace mgt
Land drillspass behind, tell taleslee bow, covering, luffing, blanket, pinningzone3 estimation, roll tackszone2 estimation, walk throughrules quiz
Water drillscapsize, scoop, walk over, circles, WL, rail ridecircles, fav end, start box, WL, rail ridecircles, W mark sprint, roll tacksoval, racesfree sail, WLX
No Windparts quiz, sail theory, sail controlsrig tuning, VMG, angle of attack, draft, depth, twist, polarsmock protests, spinnakersOpti rigs, paper sail shapeoutboard operations