Joining CYC

Membership bonds are available to anyone who is interested in sailing, willing to work annual service hours, abide by club rules, and pay annual dues. We do offer subsidized annual dues for Student and Young Active members. Members are not required to own a boat, and community boats are available for check-out for those who wish to join the Club Sailing Fleet (more information below).

Membership Benefits

All members receive the following benefits, regardless of membership type:

  • Access to and ability to reserve club facilities (additional charges apply)
  • Open use of property and club common areas
  • Ability to rent docking and trailer storage spots (there is typically a waiting list for slips and moorings)
  • Participation in all club social and racing events
  • Discounts on CSC-led instructional classes

Membership Obligations

Concord Yacht Club thrives because of the hard work and dedication of its members. Therefore, all members are required to complete the following annually:

  • A minimum of fifteen (15) service hours toward club care and maintenance
  • Abide by all published club policies and by-laws

Steps To Join

  1. Submit CYC’s online membership application including payment of the $25 application fee by credit/debit card
  2. Upon application approval, the Board of Directors will send you an Invitation to Join via email, acceptance of which will include credit/debit card payment of prorated annual dues and (as applicable), your initiation fee and membership bond cost. Invitations to Join expire if not acted on by the applicant after 60 days (though an applicant may still submit a new application for membership at any point in the future.)
  3. Once you have accepted the invitation (including payment for the above), you will be directed to contact our Orientation Team to meet at CYC to tour the facilities, go over member privileges, responsibilities, etc. (please allow 30 minutes-1 hour for orientation).
  4. Welcome to Concord Yacht Club! At orientation, you will be issued a club key and gate card. You will also be added to the Member Roster, at which point you can request trailer parking and/or join the waiting list for slips/moorings.

Membership Special Options

Young Active Membership

Individuals ages 21 – 32 enjoy the benefits of CYC Membership for half the cost! With no initiation fee and a 50% discount on annual dues, there’s no better time to start sailing at CYC!

Student Membership

Study hard off — and on — the water: Individuals age 18 or older enrolled full-time at an educational institution may hold a CYC Student Membership for up to five (5) years.

Service Hours

Each active member must contribute at least fifteen (15) service hours annually. Service hours are credited for activities including work parties, serving on club committees, providing services to the board, or assisting with club races, regattas, and social events. Members may elect to pay $40 per hour for each service hour not performed. Work hours are prorated for members joining after January 31.

Vessel Storage

For information on boat dockage, trailer parking, and other boat storage options see information regarding slips, trailers, and moorings on the Reservations page.

  • Application Fee: A one-time, non-refundable application fee will accompany all applications for membership and paid at the time of membership application submission.
  • Initiation Fee: A one-time, non-refundable initiation and administration fee is payable when the membership application is accepted.
  • Membership Bond Certificate: The Membership Bond Certificate represents a member’s shared ownership in CYC. This bond amount is refundable at resignation for members in good standing.
  • Annual Dues: Annual Dues are prorated for new members joining after January 31 at a rate of $33 per month.
Membership Cost Full Details
TypeAge RequirementsApplication FeeInitiation FeeMembership BondAnnual Dues
Active (Standard) Membership33 or older$25*$300$230$396*
Young Active Membership21 – 32$25*None$230$198*
Student Membership18 or Older, Full-time Student$25*NoneNone$198*
*Tennessee State Sales Tax of 9.25% will apply.

Club Sailing Fleet

CYC members have the option to join the Club Sailing Fleet (CSF) and use CSF boats for recreation, club events and other special events. It is a great opportunity to connect with the CYC sailing community.
In addition to social activities, the sailing fleet hosts mini onsite seminars on various sailing and racing topics as well as sailing practice events with the more experienced members acting as mentors.

The mission of the Club Sailing Fleet is to:

  • Provide training and skill development opportunities
  • Provide social activities to enhance club relationship building and provide additional fun aspects of being a member of the club
  • Provide sailing opportunities that get members out on the water sailing
  • Provide racing and crewing opportunities that get members involved in CYC racing activities

Summary of CSF membership requirements:

  • 5 annual work hours (in addition to the required CYC member hours).
  • A $100 annual fee for a family to use 1 boat during daylight hours.
    • For another $50 annual fee (total of $150) a family can use 2 boats.
  • Only CSF members can reserve and take out CSF boats.
  • Any member who wants to use a CSF boat is required to be fully checked out/certified on that type of boat. This check out process may be a “lighter version” if the member:
    • Has recently (within 6 months) completed/participated in:
      • Adult Learn To Sail classes (keelboat and/or dinghy)
      • Sail Camp
      • Sea Scouts
      • High School Sailing
      • College Sailing
    • Has sailing certificates or other training
  • Before joining, please read all the information regarding CSF membership to get an idea of what is required in the CSF, how to join the CSF and how to reserve boats to go sailing. Follow this link for complete details: CSF Information

The cost is affordable and the benefits priceless: fun, skill development and a sailing community! If you would like to join or have questions about the Club Sailing Fleet, contact CSF Administration.