Land Drill – No Wind Ideas

Land Games

  • Move Opti campers to 420s (rigging, parts, capsize)
  • Move 420 campers to Optis (rigging, parts, cramped space)
  • Have campers teach a lesson.
  • Hold mock protests on racing rules.
  • Have campers make International Code Flags and send messages.
  • Have the campers play salesperson.  Get them to convince you to buy their boat.
  • Inventory the boat equipment.
  • Take two current songs and have the fleet make up new lyrics related to sailing.
  • Have the campers make up a scavenger hunt.
  • Alphabet game – I’m going sailing and on my boat I’m bringing an Anchor, a Batten, etc.
  • Have campers make a shaped mainsail using scrap material or paper.
  • Have campers draw their boat and name as many parts as they can.
  • Clean the safety boats and introduce the campers to outboard safety and operations.
  • Go on a safety walk around the camp and report to the Head Instructor.
  • Have an Instructor Impersonation day.
  • Have campers make a mural of the lake, harbor, docks, hazards, etc.
  • Have campers make a collage – the ten best things about sailing.
  • Rigging races.

Water Games

  • Ball tag:  Using a large inflatable ball, the ball must hit the sail of another boat to tag them.  If it misses the sail, the original boat is still “it”.
  • Ticking bomb:  Variation on ball tag.  Set a time limit.  The one with the ball when the time expires is blown up (capsizes).
  • Fight pollution:  Using half-filled, half-inflated water balloons as pollution, boats must pick up as many balloons as possible in a given time.
  • Dumping ground:  Each boat starts with a collection of floating objects (ping pong balls) which they must deposit one at a time in a floating bucket.  They cannot use the same bucket twice in a row.  Count the remaining balls at the end of the time limit.