Open Positions

Audit Committee Member

We are in need of 1 member to join this committee for 2024.

The Audit Committee annually reviews the club’s financials and other records as needed, to determine conformance to club policies and procedures, and compiles a report to the CYC Board of the committee’s activities and any findings (non-conformances). The committee, working as a team, may review documents, conduct interviews with CYC officers / committees, and perform physical property inspections as needed.  

The committee will meet several times (both in-person and remotely) during the summer, while also working independently between meetings, and will compile their audit report thereafter.  Each committee member will likely fulfill their annual work hour requirement (15 hours), although that depends on the extent/depth of the audit, the findings, and the contributions of each member.  

Ideally, committee members will serve more than one year, but that is not a requirement.  Prior audit experience (financial or otherwise, as an auditor or as part of a business being audited) is helpful, although not absolutely required for this third position.  (Just be willing to learn!!)Helpful skills & abilities include technical writing and/or business writing, logical thinking, attention to detail, and experience with auditing, process management, accounting, and/or finance.

If you are willing to serve this year as a member of the Audit Committee, or wish to discuss the requirements in more detail, contact Rob Herchenrider, Commodore (

Nominating Committee

I am looking for a minimum of two additional volunteers to staff the 2024 nominating committee.  This is an excellent opportunity to get to know more of the members along with helping to ensure strong leadership in the operation of the club.

The committee is responsible to:
Identify and recruit members to fill the various open positions on the board.
Present to the membership at the AGM in November the 2025 CYC Board.

Ed MacFawn has agreed to serve again this year on the Committee.  Ed brings a wealth of knowledge from last year’s success and should help facilitate the success of this year’s Committee.

Serving on this committee will count toward the 2024 work-hour requirement.

Contact Dana Dawson at