Skills Level 1

Upon completion of Level 1, the student should be unafraid of the boat or capsizing.  They should be able to rig the boat, safely leave the dock, demonstrate the basic points of sail making adjustments to sail and helm under direction, return to the dock and properly derig the boat, all in winds up to 5kts.  Demonstrate basic obstacle avoidance (tiller-towards-trouble) and rules of the road (power/sail).

Level 1Beginner Learn-to-Sail
Camp rulesKnowledge of Camp rules
PFDDemonstrate proper use of PFD
Enter boatDemonstrate proper balance when entering boat
CapsizeCapsize procedure, scoop method, able to self-rescue
WindIdentify wind indicators and wind direction accurately
KnotsFigure 8, cleat, square, coil and secure
Rig/derigProperly rig/derig all equipment and secure boat
DepartureProperly prepare making allowance for wind, safely enter boat, set sail
SteeringBasic control; constant contact; reasonably steady course; TTT
Tack/gybeTurn in right direction
TrimSail trim sufficient to make way on all headings
Safety positionProper heading, sails luffing, complete stop
DockingGently return, full stop near dock
WeatherDemonstrate basic weather precautions; sunscreen, storm approach
SailsProperly fold/roll sails and store
Rules of the roadDemonstrate tiller-towards-trouble
Rules of the roadManual/sail/power, barges over all
CoursesReaching oval and figure 8 (reaches only)
NomenclatureHull, bow, stern, port, stbd, mast, boom, sprit, gooseneck, rudder, tiller, sheets, daggerboard, halyd, battens, vang, points of sail