Skills Level 2

On completion of Level 2, the student should be able to demonstrate the points of sail, making adjustments to the helm and sails on their own.  Greatest emphasis should be placed on mechanics: holding a steady upwind course, tiller pass behind, seating and balance, man overboard recovery, all in winds up to 10kts.  Introduced to basic rules of the road for avoidance (port/stbd, windward/leeward) although not necessarily in a racing context.

Level 2Intermediate Learn-to-Sail
KnotsBowline, round turn & 2 half hitches, sheet bend, clove hitch
Rules of the roadStbd/port, Leeward/windward, ahead/astern (RRS 10-14)
SteeringSmooth control; maintain steady course upwind w minimal luffing
Tack/gybeSmooth turn; stop on new heading; proper tiller pass; avoid irons
TrimSail trim correct for all headings, telltales flying properly
BalanceProper seating and weight distribution in/out, fore/aft
BackingAble to sail backwards 50yds
IronsRecognition and reaction, backing sails, end on prescribed tack
Man overboardReturn to a point from upwind and downwind course, full stop
DockingDepart and return with wind at any angle
Sailing AreaDemonstrate knowledge of sailing area including local hazards
CoursesShallow and steep diamond, some upwind
NomenclatureSail head, tack, clew, luff, leach, foot, beating, windward, leeward, forestay, shrouds, spreaders, transom, pintle, gudgeon, universal