Skills Level 3

On completion of Level 3, the student should be entirely self-reliant and able to demonstrate all points of sail with proficiency in winds up to 15kts.  Racing will be introduced with starting sequences, consistent roll tacks and the concept of Corinthian sportsmanship.  Demonstrate advanced rules for avoidance (mark rounding) and understand basic sail theory and rig tuning.  They should be able to identify the skills they are demonstrating and correct mistakes they may be making.  Introduce other boating skills for TAs (outboards, towing, trailering).

Level 3
Advanced Learn-to-Sail/Beginner Racing
KnotsRolling hitch, line heave 50ft
TeamworkRoles, communication, balance, sail controls (upwind and wing/wing)
Boat HandlingDemonstrate consistent coordinated execution of all maneuvers (roll tacks, S-gybes, roundings, accel/decelerations) including proper balance and trim
SteeringMaintain tight course upwind on telltales; pinching and footing
TrimDemonstrate knowledge and proper use of cunningham, outhaul, vang, traveller
BalanceSail without rudder 50yds
CoursesTriangle, box, windward-leeward, Gold Cup, Harry-A, gates
Rules of the roadSportsmanship, starting sequences, racing definitions.
NomenclatureBackstay, diamonds, hounds, rudder cheeks, thwart, freeboard, gunwale, gaff/lateen/sloop sails, sloop/ketch/yawl sail plans, pram/scow/catamaran/skiff hulls
NomenclatureRacing definitions, sail draft, lift/header
TheoryAdvanced sail theory (vector physics), angle of attack, draft depth, twist, polars, sail manufacture techniques, rig tuning
SeamanshipTune standing rigging from a tuning guide
SeamanshipPrepare a boat for trailering
SeamanshipDemonstrate proper outboard safety and operation; outboard motor parts
SeamanshipDemonstrate proper on water towing techniques
SeamanshipFamiliarity with rigging details of all sail camp boats