Skills Level 4

On completion of Level 4, the student should be able to execute all maneuvers learned previously within a competitive fleet.  Should be able to formulate strategies to maximize their speed around the course and apply the standard racing rules in tactical interactions with other boats.  At this level, the student should be a confident, though probably unseasoned, racing skipper or crew on most (non-foiling) boat types under 30ft.

Level 4Intermediate Racing
Rules of the roadRoom, mark roundings, RRS 15-20, protests
Boat HandlingDemonstrate proper gears during start from a luffing stop; layline judgment
Starting theoryStart sequence; sight lines; favored end, advantages to stbd and port tack approaches
Starting practicalDemonstrate luffing start, timed stbd tack, crossing within 10 sec
StrategyRecognize favored side of course, account for tides/currents
TacticsDemonstrate application of basic right-of-way rules
Strategy theoryVMG, persistent vs oscillating shifts
Strategy practicalWindward mark approach, leeward mark approach
Tactics theory & practicalShifts, covering, splitting, blanketing, pinning, inside overlaps, pinching, footing, tack or cross
NomenclatureMark zone, pinwheel, wind shadow, velocity shifts
Alternative racingOne-design vs mixed fleet tactics, team racing, match racing